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Grades of Cast Iron produced:


The items have been produced in the appropriate grades conforming to International standards such as DIN, BS, JIS, ASTM, NF-A and Indian standards (IS). 


Grey Cast iron: Grey iron is produced in the grades FG 150, FG 200, FG 250 & FG 300 conforming to standard IS 210 and equivalent grades in International standards.


Spheroidal Graphite (SG) iron:  SG iron is produced in the grades SG 400/12, SG 450/10 & SG 500/7 conforming to standard IS 1865 and equivalent grades in International standards.




Details about Product Development :


From the time of inception of the foundry a large number of items of the following categories have been developed and  have been well accepted in the market. Given below are details of items developed in the past 10-12 years and items among the developed include items made by no-bake process as per the customer requirements.



Product range / types

Numbers of items developed


 Brake Drums

 450 types    ( Weighing from  4 -100 Kgs.)


 Brake Discs

  30 types    (  Weighing from 4 -38 Kgs. )


 Motor Bodies / Housings

150 types    ( Weighing from  7- 85 Kgs. )


 Other items such as End shields of

 Motors, pumps etc,  Parts of    

 Vacuum  Pumps, Mono block

 pump, Compressors  and

 Flywheels etc.

200 types    ( Weighing from 1-180 Kgs. )




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